A tribute to truly effortless beauty

At JUNO, we marry craftsmanship and community to create cult favorites that are easy to use and bring out your best you. 


"I've never felt more confident with and without makeup. Sometimes I'll only wear this instead of foundation and I'll get so many compliments on my skin."

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Discover #junobabe community's favorites
Since launching in 2017, JUNO has established a community that’s over 500,000 #JUNObabes strong to define a new type of beauty experience.
JUNO aims to create multi-tasking, innovative beauty basics to help highlight your best features effortlessly and easily. We’re not in the business of makeup - we’re in the business of helping you master your makeup game
JUNO has taken the Internet by storm, with releases such as our fan-favorite Microfiber Sponge that is now in the hands of 1,000,000 fashionistas and counting.


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